Resolutions falling to the wayside?
Achieve the success you desire with these simple tips!

Often our exuberance for change begins to wane as January marches into February. If you find yourself setting goals that don’t stick, then you’re in the right place!

When we envision resolutions for the New Year, we typically approach them with our head (because we think we can think our way into change) and forget a few vital steps that aide in our success.

Then, as we fail to meet our own expectations, we begin to doubt our ability to make positive change.

Often we go even further and punish ourselves for not following through.

Thankfully, much of this can be avoided! You can create lasting and sustainable change by approaching goals with your whole self in mind.

What does it mean to set and sustain ‘whole self’ goals?

Whole self goals are:
● Not just a vision you think you need to achieve, but aligned with body and spirit.
● Created from a place of health, wellness and vitality, versus from a place of lack or need.
To sustain them you need:
● Willingness to grow and expand – because it’s not easy.
● Constant self-forgiveness for any additional baggage from your past that arises in the process.

Why is it important to approach goals in this way?

Whole self goals have more energy and vitality than regular goals. You are more excited to experience and achieve them.

This makes them easier to achieve and a greater chance of both short and long-term success.

The question then becomes how. How do we set and sustain whole self goals?

PACE your goals:

PACE is shorthand for a goal checklist from my training in Brain Gym, and it ensures your goals are Positive, Active, Clear & Energetic.

Successful goals are:
● Positive. Keep away from don’t, won’t, can’t.
● Active. Make your goal present tense. I feel instead of I will feel. I am instead of I will be.
● Clear. Get clear with your inner visions and desires. Focus on what you really want to feel and experience in your life versus an external picture of what you think you need to be happy.
● Energetic. Ensure that your goal carries energy for you. It’s something you want to achieve, something you are willing and ready to change in your life.

PACE helps you create a goal in the present tense, that feels nourishing and carries weight and meaning for you – for your life and your success. By creating goals in this way, your brain believes it is already happening.

There is no will or going to there is just right now and your current positive state and action.

This helps you sidestep procrastination or avoidance and merely step forward into who you want to be.

Here are a few examples of goals so you can get the idea of the difference that PACE makes:

Without PACE: With PACE:
I won’t compare myself to others. I shine my own light.
I will lose 15 pounds. I feel sexy in my own skin.
I won’t eat dessert. I choose foods that nourish and heal.
I am going to take care of myself better. I honor and celebrate myself.
I will spend more time with family. I choose family first.
I am going to go to the gym every day. I am vibrant and active.
I won’t feel stuck at work on Monday. I feel energized in my career.

How to make your goal sustainable:

First, if you’ve followed the PACE checklist, then your goal is charged with energy that will help it be more than just a passing phase.

Second, we aren’t perfect, we’re human. My personal motto: Do your best and forgive the rest. You are more likely to keep going – growing, changing, transforming – if you understand that we all fall down and it’s not only okay, but often our falling holds the key to making improvements and adjustments for even greater success.

Third, give yourself support. Sometimes a simple goal of feeling good in our body, loving ourselves or loving our family carries baggage from childhood trauma and messages that no longer serve us. Give yourself opportunities to heal and restore. This could be as simple as taking a bath, going to a yoga class or finding support through friends or professionals.

It’s time to take back your power and achieve what you truly desire!

So take a deep breath, grab your journal and get started.


KelseyFoxBennett_Prof Kelsey Fox Bennett helps parents and kids heal from trauma and recreate their daily life. Her unique skill set accelerates healing and provides concrete tools to reduce stress and reconnect both brain and body. In addition to private healing, Kelsey offers workshops and training worldwide for kids, parents and educators. 

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